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Everyone is worth talking to… it all depends on whether you choose to listen.

"You Belong." is a visual novel crossed with a 2D side scroller.

Create your character and explore the fictional town of Asatsuyu! Meet the townspeople and learn more about their lives.

Asatsuyu is no ordinary town, there's something strange and maybe even magical in the air , especially when the moon comes out!


Project Lead, Artistic Lead, Writer, Modeller, Game Designer, Assistant Composer
Luna Ang (@cryingkingart)

Graphic Design, Marketing, Concept Artist
Jack De Graaf

Lead ProgrammerGame Designer
Tyson Wetton (@TysonWetton)

Lead Foley Artist, Project Manager
Tia Thomson

Sound Effects Editor, Foley Artist, Assistant
Brea Cotterill (_lil_brea)

Lead Composer
Jaxon Arundell

Hard Surface Modelling
Saffron Stankiewicz

Special Thanks
Erika Verkaaik (Team Facilitator)

Steve Halliwell (Team Facilitator)

Chasen Green (Main menu animation)

Alison Evans (Artstation) (Additional Voices)

Erin Dayley (Additional Voices)

Zeke Lugares (Assistant Composer)

Takayuki Sakaguchi (Additional Voices)


You Belong Demo V.03.7z 100 MB

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