End of Year Update and Plans for 2020!

Greetings to followers and fans of You Belong! This is an update from Luna, the project lead.

Firstly, I have started part time work at a retail store in order to continue supporting myself and my partner.

I will be working from 9-3, Tuesday to Friday. However, I will be working on the game on Monday and after each shift.
I will be taking Saturday and Sunday off as a day of rest.

Though I'm progressing at a steady pace, I am really starting to wish I had more people helping me. Because of this, I'm considering asking my old school to send over interns in the future when we get further into development. 

I will be continuing development over the Christmas period and hope to get a lot more done. The deadline for January is starting to look a bit bleak so my new goal that I will set is for some time in 2020.

We would love to hear from any potential fans who about what they would like to see in the game. So feel free to chat with us on Discord! I share updates and previews of assets I am making!

Whenever I don't have access to my main computer, I've been playing around with Musescore. Recently, I've been working on a night time variant of "Open for Business!" , the Asatsuyu Market theme.

I wanted this song to be jazzy and fun alternative to the day theme.  Of course what you are hearing is far from finished but I think I'm on the right track.


As some may have realized. We are going by a new name. In the future, after You Belong has finished production, I would like to continue making games under a unified name.

Jack was kind enough to create us a new logo for "Clear World Games"

I really wanted to have a name that represented us well; something to remind us that our actions and decisions must be as clear as water to our audience.

In the end, I decided on "world" not just because of my love for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but also because our team in university all came from different disciplines, backgrounds and ages; we were literally strangers before this. I've always found it magical how so many people can connect with others and make lifelong friends over the simplest of things.  Since the invention of the internet, it doesn't even matter where you are anymore! So, it is my dream that one day people might connect with each other from around the world, brought together by a love for our games.  Hopefully, that dream comes to pass!

After browsing through our stats on Itch, we realized that most of our clicks were from our "Character Customization" tag. I created this as a base for the player character and other characters of a similar build. Over the Christmas period, I plan on working on adding more customizable options like breasts, hair, different eyes and of course, clothing.

These are a few hairstyle mock-ups I made while visiting my mother. Separating fringes from the actual hair gives potential to so much more combinations.

Though I have been prioritizing the creation of this 2D rig, I couldn't help but feel the need to scratch the itch for some 3D asset creation while on my break. It isn't much compared to last time but I'm still happy with the way they turned out.

Together with Saffron , I've been making a start onto a lot of small assets that she's made and left for me to unwrap. We've been working by using a Google Sheet I set up earlier in the year.

It's strange but I find making documents and guides like this to be oddly satisfying.  I'm sharing these mainly to show how we set out some documentation.  

I made a quick animation and 3D model for the Heartily Hair building's Barber Pole. I've tested it in Unity and it works perfectly! So I'm excited to show it off!

This one was actually a little collab piece with the bird logo being done by Jack and the Milk Carton itself being modeled by Saffron. From the very start, I've been putting emphasis on making brands in game look legit because when something comes from Japan, you almost immediately know from the packaging. It's a fun way to flex our graphic design skills and add believably to the world.

As I am handling the bulk of this game's assets. I am  currently seeking volunteers who might be interested in working with our team and getting something to show off on their portfolio.  I don't really expect anyone to be interested but hey, it's better to put it out there right?

This is what we need so far.

  • Assistant Character Artist
    Help with adding things to the base character rig like extra hand positions, clothes, hair etc.
    Experience with SpriterPro and any kind of animation would be grea
  • Character Animator
    Experience with SpriterPro and Unity would be preferred.
  • Composer
    Would need to be able to work with a score and be able to work from reference

The ideal team member

  • Good at communication
  • Able to follow a style guide
  • Keen eye for aesthetics
  • Sufficient knowledge in their respective discipline
  • Dedicated
  • Consistent

In the end, production will still continue but help would be greatly appreciated to anyone who offers it.

This year has been quite productive. I'm so very proud of our team of still sticking with this project even after receiving their final grades and graduating. 

The next year will be tough but I hope people will continue to support us and see us through. Ideally, I'd love to be able to get some funding after the demo which makes me even more determined to push for development. 

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this.

Happy holidays from the team at Clear World Games.

See you all again in 2020!

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