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Greetings to followers and fans of You Belong!

This is an update from Luna, the project lead.

This is a shorter update than the previous one but there are a few things I wish to discuss in regards to the game's soundtrack. Firstly, our new composer, Jaxon, has been approved for a job overseas and his contribution to the project may be limited. Instead, I have taken on his responsibilities til things settle down.

Originally, the tracks of the game were written by me and my brother, Zeke. So, the sound will sound similar to that of the demo. We will be using Musescore to compose the tracks for the demo but we are hoping to go beyond midi if possible for the future release of the game. 

I would like to share some tracks with you all that we have composed.

You Belong - Main Theme

This was the first song my brother and I composed for the game. It was tricky because this song would set the bar for how the game would sound overall. Overall I wanted the song to feel like a bird taking flight.

The Moon is Beautiful Tonight (Moonlight Phase)

This was a song composed by me but was arranged by Brea who was in charge of the soundtrack during early development. I originally composed it on piano but the way she added the chimes really sold me on the image  a person staring out at the moon on a starry night. Parts of this song are featured in other songs within the soundtrack that typically associate with "love" or "bonds".

True Feelings (Confession Theme)

I wanted this song to play for the more romantic moments during the game. I wanted this to sound like a character who has finally let their guard down around you, who has mustered up all their courage to tell you their feelings.

Open For Business! (Asatsuyu Market Theme)

The moment the character walks out of their house, they are met with a bustling market filled with hawkers, students and workers passing through. So I wanted the song to sound lively and grand. I have a night version of this theme planned which is a more slow and jazzy version but nothing as of yet has been written for it.


Until we get a more solid grasp of Jaxon's situation, I will handle matters concerning music. There are a few more songs I have written for the game but I am either unsatisfied with them or they are considered spoilers. In the end, I would love to have someone more qualified take over for music but at this stage, it's more wishful thinking.  I have written enough songs to last us through the upcoming demo but I hope that by making this post, I  address that the music shown in game may not reflect how the final product will sound.

Once again, thank you all for supporting the development of You Belong

- Luna

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